Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Before Evening

22x30 o/c


Sherman said...

Looks so real! I love it! Great painting!
Sherman Unkefer

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Your paintings are wonderful Simon. I saw your work years ago for in the Mulan book. I remember saying that I wanted to painting just like you. Well that did not come true, but I am glad that I found your blog :) Looking forward to see your future work.

Jesús Cuenca said...

Magnífica pintura. El paisaje con la ciudad al fondo tiene una luz muy bella.

saiping lok said...

than you for your comments, and it means a lots to me!

Will said...

Great work! I love your sketches too. Your sense of design and color are very inspiring. I was wondering if your larger finished pieces are done from photos or plein air? the light in some of them must have changed very quickly.

Unknown said...

Anyway, your post and the lively discussion in the comments gave my mind much to chew over. I hope you haven't abandoned your posting here; your thoughts on fantasy are illuminating.
thank you so much for your working hard.